SSI - Satellite Spectrum Initiative

About SSI

The Satellite Spectrum Initiative (SSI) was formed by stakeholders in the satellite industry that recognise the serious threats and challenges that satellite spectrum currently faces all over the world. Recent increases in the amount of spectrum allocated to terrestrial services, in particular mobile services, have often come at the expense of spectrum for satellite services. The loss of spectrum is now reaching a critical phase as the impact will soon affect current satellite services and leave no available spectrum for innovative services.


Such wireless-industry efforts, if successful, would lead to a significant loss in revenue for the satellite industry and constitute a severe blow to user communities that are dependent upon satellite services in affected bands.  Further, the satellite industry’s experience during WRC-07 highlights the need for a more comprehensive campaign to assure continued access not only to C band, but to all satellite spectrum, including L, X, Ku, Ka, and V bands.  


To address these challenges, the Global VSAT Forum (GVF), a non-profit association of the satellite industry, will escalate activities of the SSI.  The SSI, originally formed in preparation for ITU World Radiocommunications Conference 2007 (WRC-07) is currently in consortium with other prominent regional associations -- including APSCC and CASBAA in Asia, and ESOA and SAP-REG in Europe -- as well national-level associations that GVF currently works with in Brasil, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, China, Russia, U.A.E., and the U.S., among others. 


As we move forward, it is important to emphasize that the global effort must be supported not only by our industry, but in tandem with a broad array of existing and potential partners and allies within the user community, including broadcasters and cable companies (e.g. WBU-ISOG, RFI-EUI, etc.), humanitarian & aid agencies (the United Nations, NetHope, etc.), maritime organizations (e.g. InterManager, InterTanko, InterCargo, IMO, etc.), civil aviation (e.g. ICAO, FAA, etc.), military (NATO, DoD, etc.), disaster response (e.g. IAEM, UN, fire, police, military, etc.), banks, stock exchanges and financial services, oil, gas and mining, and possibly wireless-backhaul interests (e.g. WiFi, pico-cell, GSMA, etc.), and consumer groups, among others. Government and inter-governmental organizations can facilitate and strengthen our efforts as they did previously (e.g. CITEL and the World Bank's support for the GVF WRC spectrum summit).  


In an effort to build an effective coalition prior to WRC-15, the SSI campaign will continue to focus on building strategic alliances with new and current constituencies for the initiative. 


For more information or to join the SSI, contact SSI Chairman, David Hartshorn (