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Satellite Spectrum Initiative

Broadcast Services

Across the world, people remain captivated by images that enter their homes via television. Television allows us all to witness events as they happen, connecting people of many cultures and countries with news, educational, and entertainment programming. Satellites are found at the heart of this medium, delivering unsurpassable quantity and quality of information to points throughout the globe.

FSS applications are a significant link in the chain that delivers television programming to millions of people around the globe. In addition to Direct-to-Home applications, FSS offer an efficient and secure way to transmit video, providing ‘backhaul’ for programmers and news teams to gather and transmit the footage that ultimately winds up on our television screens each day.

Satellite capacity is also used to distribute programming to cable headends. In this process, cable headends receive satellite signals and then transmit them seamlessly over regional and local cable networks. In distributing these satellite signals, these cable headends allow the provision of local content alongside national and international programming.