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Satellite Spectrum Initiative

Government Services

Governments require secure communications to maintain the integrity of their work, achieve their mission, and protect citizens. Satellite applications are particularly suited to the needs of government services, with the capacity, reliability and redundancy to provide a wide range of information and communication services benefiting citizens and officials virtually anywhere throughout the globe. Moreover, satellites are a secure medium of communication, providing connectivity between government facilities without requiring transit through public telecommunications infrastructures.

Applications and missions for which use of satellite services are ideally suited for government requirements:

  • Content distribution networks
  • Rural community networks
  • Weather data distribution
  • Diplomatic communications
  • Emergency coverage and disaster recovery
  • Telemedicine
  • Distance learning
  • Data collection and monitoring
  • Counter-drug surveillance


Satellite and network service attributes:

  • Multipoint distribution and point-to-point contribution
  • Geographic reach and distance insensitivity
  • Rapidly deployable and low-cost infrastructure (surge capability)
  • Reduced vulnerability to conventional attack/disruption 
  • Ideal compliment/back-up to terrestrial communications systems
  • Ground network open standard support for multiple systems, platforms and applications