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Satellite Spectrum Initiative

Future Services

Provisional List of Actions


Other key actions that can be undertaken as part of this initiative include:


·         Website(s) for Global Information Dissemination

·         Strategic Event & Meetings Calendar

·         Periodical Industry Bulletin

·         Country Case Studies on IMT C-band Deployment

·         IMT System Testing to Characterize Interference

·         Scalable Powerpoint Presentations to Promote Solutions

·         White and Position Papers to Clarify Issues

·         Education Through Meetings, Conferences, etc.

·         Consensus Building Amongst Stakeholders in All Regions

·         Working with ITU-D to Show Importance of C-band in Developing Regions

·         Co-ordinating Global Notifications of Earth Stations to ITU

·         Co-ordinating Industry Presence at ITU, Inter-Governmental and National-Level Spectrum Meetings