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Satellite Spectrum Initiative


Demand for Mobile Satellite Service(MSS) is increasing at an unprecedented rate. As a direct consequence there is a mounting pressure and regulatory necessity to expand the current spectrum available for MSS. SSI supports the current activity to find new spectrum resources for MSS and urges national Administrations to work with the existing MSS operators to ensure that additional spectrum is made available in the most efficient way. Presently, there is a high level of interest in evaluating the suitability of spectrum in the radio frequency bands between 4 and 16 GHz for possible new allocations to MSS. This evaluation should take into account spectrum sharing and compatibility analyses, without placing undue constraints on existing services. SSI asks that Administrations conduct these studies in the light of the important role played by MSS operators in not just providing safety of life services but also services such as providing broadband in rural and remote areas. On a national level SSI asks that Administrations examine their national frequency allocation tables and the full extent of spectrum usage in the bands suitable for MSS. In doing so Administrations may discover that certain spectrum may be underutilised which can consequently be reallocated for more efficient use by MSS.