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Satellite Spectrum Initiative


Satellite spectrum in Europe has been under pressure for a number of years, with the satellite industry pushed back on a number of fronts. However, at the World Radiocommunication Conference 2007 (WRC-07) in Geneva the satellite industry struck an important blow, stopping the mobile industry from getting access to further spectrum in the satellite bands. SSI plans to build on this important step and bring the satellite industry together to protect satellite spectrum from the encroaching mobile industry.

In May 2008 the European Commission, flying in the face of the Final Acts of WRC-07 unilaterally made 400 MHz of the C band available for Broadband Wireless Access (BWA). SSI and other industry bodies have worked hard to ensure that the European Commission set the date for a review of this decision in March 2009. SSI is hopeful that the Members of the European Union will understand the importance of the C band to the satellite industry and support a review that will protect access to the spectrum for satellite services, ensuring the continuity of important services to key users.

SSI plans to work closely with the CEPT and national administrations to work towards targeting where new spectrum can be made available for the satellite industry. Studies have been conducted which show that more satellite spectrum will be required in the near future, and it is imperative that the work to find the ‘best-fit’ bands for new spectrum begin as soon as possible.